Few animals have been more controversial than wolves. Critics argue that the wolf mostly cause misery such as killing livestock and pets. They also mean that they are a potential danger also to us humans. But it can be concluded that the wolf as good as never attack humans. In some cases, where this has happened, it was all about animals with rabies. Proponents on the other hand argue that the wolf is an endangered animal to be protected.

During the 18th century over 30.000 people were seen as warewolves and was burnt on the stake or flayed alive!


When the immigrants from Scandinavia and Europe came to North America, they brought their attitude towards the wolf.

When immigrants and "trappers" had settled, the conflicts started.

"Trappers" was first concentraded at beavers and for a number of years, in the middle of the 20th centrury, they had caught around 500.000 beavers per year. A great "trapper" could earn amazingly 50.000 dollars per year!

But also the wolf liked beaver and when the beavers was reduced the wolf got blamed.
Also other animals was hunted very hard, so the wolf got less and less natural food to eat. As a result the wolf was forced to hunt domestic cattle


Reward for shooting beasts of prey was given to people who shot wolves and professional wolf hunters, so called "wolfers", became very efficient. They specialized on preparing newly shot animals with strychnine which killed the wolves.

Only in the state of Montana not less then 100.000 wolves were killed between 1870 and 1877, and 81.000 between 1883 and 1922. The biggest mass slaughter on a single prey was a fact!

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